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Milk production is being developed into the farm's second mainstay after coffee cultivation.

The new cubicle barn offers space for 12 dairy cows with offspring.

In 2021, a modern cubicle barn with a milking parlor was built, providing space for 12 dairy cows with offspring. These are fed with special grass, hay, and soybean meal.

Gibson and Richard milk the cows at 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily.

On average they give 8 liters of milk a day. So monthly we produce about 1,000 liters. We use part of the milk for our own needs, and the rest we sell to people in the surrounding area.

However, we get the most benefit from the manure of the cows, which is later spread as fertilizer on our fields and our coffee plantation.

The manure is used to fertilize the fields and plantations.


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