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About Us

Vision and Mission

Our mission is the full rehabilitation of the youth and their reintegration into their families and community to find their place there. We want to train them to be responsible and capable men who can make good decisions and are an asset to their environment.


We want to create more space for more young people over time and are always working to ensure them the best possible education by training them on a social and practical level and providing psychological support. 


Our employees keep an eye on each and every one of them and, through personal contacts, give them more than just training their skills. They help them heal, discover new possibilities and grow as personalities.

Names and functions of the key decision-makers

Board members

Paul Lilan - Attorney and 1st Chairman

Patrice Chumba - Bishop AIC

Joel Kemei - School Principal

John Mutali - Station Manager DIGUNA Mission


Station manager

Peter Togom - Pastor AIC

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