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Prison Work

In addition to the rehabilitation of former delinquent youths, the fates of the inmates in the prisons in Western Kenya are a matter of concern to us. As in every prison in the world, behind every prisoner, there is a moving life story and a twist of fate.

Because we believe that every person deserves a second chance and wants to change at some point in their life, we want to visit and meet these people. Through these personal encounters, we want to pass on encouragement, hope, the joy of life, and love. At the same time, we want to show this group, which is at the bottom of society, that they are not forgotten, but that they are important to people and, above all, to God.

We regularly visit the following prisons and prison complexes:

  • Kisumu Maximum

  • Kisumu Children Remand Home

  • Kapsabet

  • Kakamega Shikusa Borstal Institution

  • Kakamega

  • Eldoret

  • Kericho


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