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Services for the Community

At Crossroads, we of course also take our responsibility toward the people in our area seriously. We are already a large employer and create many jobs, especially for women. This could sustainably support many families.

At the same time, we are like a lighthouse in this dark, hopeless area because of our way and our faith, our values, and the way we deal with people.

In addition, we make our multi-purpose hall available for monthly government peace service meetings. This is how we contribute to the peace between the two tribes of Luos and Kalenjins.

Our sports field is also used by the people in the village, so we come into contact with more young people, especially when playing soccer.

The impact that Crossroads has goes further than the rehabilitation of the youth and the prison work. In this way, Crossroads is doing its part to make the environment more livable for the people.


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